Saturday, November 14, 2015

Should I pray for Paris?

Dear Fran├žois, 

This attack is an outrage against France, and against Europe as a whole. Today, France is on the frontline of the fight against terrorism. But she is not alone. This fight is the fight of all Europeans, and all the other peoples of the free world, too.  France is a great, strong and resilient nation. It will overcome this tragedy.

Standing in solidarity, the European Union will assist her. We will ensure that the tragic, shameful act of terrorism against Paris fails in its purpose: to divide, to frighten, and to undermine liberty, equality and fraternity, the values that make France a great nation. 

France has ensured that these values are at the very heart of the European Union. And the European Union will always be there for France, its government and its people. 

We will demand that world leaders meeting in the G20 in Antalya respond to the threat of extremist terrorism. We will ensure that everything that can be done at European level to make France safe is being done. And we will make sure that Europe's counter-terror strategy is fit for purpose to face the challenges of the months ahead. 

Yours sincerely,
Donald Tusk, European Council President

Paris has just been massacred, more than a hundred were killed. Half-mast flag all over the world. Said by some reports, ISIS is responsible for this. European countries tightened their border control, preventing the other ISIS coming and terrorizing. Other countries have tightened their security, especially security reinforcement for embassies, and America now is on alert over the ISIS attack. World is now ready to war with ISIS. Does it mean they are ready to war with Islam?
Well, frankly to say, this is not a direct impact for me in regards to ISIS attacks and I could say, I don't get bothered. Come on! War is part of the so-called countries' political relations. Why should I care? 
Common people will automatically connect to Islam once after they hear the word ISIS. You should know that we disagree! We, a hundred percent, believe that ISIS is not Islam and we oppose them. Please tell me, how Islamic ISIS is with its brutalities? We are not taught to kill people, even if they are non-believers, or sinner, or violence, or whatever they do. We don't pay blood with blood. So come again, how Islamic they are?
Lately, I contributed to clearing Islam's name. I was building a strong and solid picture that Islam is not a terrorist, a religion of peace. I put best stories of how Islam is a non-violence religion. Islamic values teach us to respect the human rights, protect women and kids, appreciate other people. And suddenly, the attacks really did attack that solid depiction. It did tear down the strong concretes of how peaceful Islam is.
And I have been thinking, how would it feel to live surrounded by people suspecting you, as a Muslim, are part of terrorism. It seems never be easier. You might be teased among your colleagues or neighbors, or being criticized by the way you live in Islamic way, or the worst is you can be exiled from your community.
Apparently, if they could bring themselves to some thoughts, they at least would understand how to determine the real Islamic values. If Islam is really dangerous, so why not the UAE or Malaysian or Indonesian attacking or, the simple thing is, disallowing the non-muslims citizens living inside their countries. Or, why would the Islamic states still build their cooperation with non Muslim countries?

Because, they are refused to try to learn the core value of Islam.

Say, "O People of the Scripture, why do you disbelieve in the verses of Allah while Allah is Witness over what you do?" ~ QS. Ali Imran (3):98

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