Sunday, September 27, 2015

I called it House Sweet House

I called it House Sweet House.

Every house or room, rented or bought, small or big, whatever it varries as long as you love it, it is your heaven. There are no other places as heaven-y as your own.

Talking about my mini flat in the middle of Jakarta, surrounded by malls and where I could hear everything up here, it is not easy. It is NOT! Though you are up almost touching the sky won't make you could live as easy as you thought.

Late night,
I was in the middle of my dearmy vacancy in Ibiza. I slept, with my warm blanket, on soft linen, blown by mild air. The sudden and long and grieving and dark siren woke me up. In the late of very night. I knew, somebody out there screamed seeing their house burned, or they are grieving with blood and car crashed, or crying and worried, their love ones in comma.

How could I continue my sleep?

Several following day, 11.00 pm.
It was time for every worker to sleep, I supposed. They needed to be in rush, dealing with traffic, or chasing after buses on the next day. I closed my eyes and drawn my blanket. The digging machines had just started to work. They worked at night to avoid busy traffic and be ready for the next morning. I started to close my eyes after tiring day and the sound was really....... ugh. (Since I was bit sensitive with sound when I began to sleep)

How could I start to rest?

One fine night, weekend, 1.00 am.

I stayed a bit late for reading books, stalking celebrities, and reading books again. 12.00 was the latest time for me to be awake. I hoped nothing happened, and I could rest well. One hour after my thought while I was entering my sleepy mind, crashed!!! A motorcycle had just hit (or probably being hit) something hard. A screaming, from a woman, was so loud I could hear it. She must be in a ..........  It would not take much energies for me to just see what happened from my window. But I refused. Not because I was heartless. But I just could not do anything with that. She was so lucky, some taxi drivers down there helped her. I could tell because none of sirine came.
My wild prejudice.

Then, should I sleep while somebody down there was hurting?

07.30 pm in busy day. Traffic was worst, from my window.

It was the worst traffic I ever saw from my window. Luckily, I was not there. Busway path had just being redesigned. It got around 30cm, or more, higher than the road. One cool car, very cool I could say, went very fast on that Busway path. Even the bus itself had their own speed limit to pass the road, safety reason of course and the road was almost finished. Almost. The roadblocks were not yet ready. The speed was not controlled, and the driver turned the steer outside the path. You could imagine what happened to this car. It fell, almost upside down. It was so lucky, that half of the car body, stucked. The traffic was worst, and now getting undescribeable worsen. By stupidity.

Icha, Jakarta, 2015

I borrowed the scene from my friend's window outside Jakarta

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