Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rundale Palace

(Latvian way to say Hello!)

Winter passed and here comes the Spring! It was nice to see how is the spring welcomed in Riga, Latvia. I took this opportunity to visit one of historical palace in Latvia, Rundāles Pils, or in English, it is Rundale Palace, built during 16th Century.
The long history of this palace is really fascinating, you can read it in its official website.
The photos down below are only the small part of huge Rundale Palace. Please Enjoy!

Just like other common museum, to avoid strange things ruining the part of historical heritage, we need to cover our footwear with this nice blue cover.

At least some Indonesian have come here and put our words in guest book. If you are planning to go there, find my name, ya!

 The ceiling ornaments are so cool! Look at those paintings and chandelier. This hallway is so European. Well, what I am trying to say is the painting and the chandelier are completing each other ;)

The bird nest on the roof

The members in my tour team was around 20 persons, so I could not catch all what our guide said. The thing is, this is one of the book in the palace reading room. There were many old books (in Latin, I supposed).

These were the cutlery that the Royals wear. 

See the blue things on the right of the photo? They used it as a heater. Very big, ya. Nice to live in modern life :D
Still dry and brown. No worries! It was only the beginning! Let's wait until everything there blossoming, and see how it is beautiful.

 I wish I had had much time to just walk around and enjoy the view.

Thank you for reading!

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