Look at these spider webs in my blog! Been a very long time not to leave some words here.
Well, today I am also not going to put much words, yet I want to share photos. I traveled to Riga last November 2014 attending a meeting. This city is nice, super nice actually. European classic style, with light reflection on Daugava river. I want to be here again! take me there, please!

For those who want to travel to Riga, Latvia, my photos probably might help you.
Please Enjoy!

Daugava River

Latvia National Library across the river

On my way to the Museum 

Ministry of Education and Science

One of the creepiest doll store
Inside the famous Church in Riga

The house of beer

This was my dinner.It was out of catfish. Since I did not eat any catfish, I only tasted the sauces. Yaiks

Latvian Dancing

Thank you!


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