The Hijab

By the end of March, eight years ago. I made a decision to obey the rule of covering my awrah. At that time, hijab was not the substantial part in my life. Though, my mother had her choice to do it. I, now, never regret it. As many moslem themselves consider to do hijab is only the choice. I never thought so. The obligatory commandment, you do it Allah will save you in the world and the hereafter. you don't do it, allahu alam.
Eight years was that easy. I often took my hijab of in the surrounding of my house. other might see this, but I always try not to forget to not leave them. I just feel like being stripped if I don't put them on.
The surah above is what I really feel now. This is the trial, the temptation, the tease that I should cope with.


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