Monday, May 20, 2013

Movie Review: Plastic of Life

Let's see, what you'll have in mind when I say 'Plastics'. A bag? Food packaging? Your accessory? Well, It might be not that simple. Plastics are everything in your life. It's in your shampoo, your perfume, and even your food.

Bag It, a documentary directed by Suzan Beraza, exposes the fact of plastic. Jeb Berrier starts his life journey by stop using plastic. He brings to see the fact of the effect of plastic around the world. It would not only help your life, but it also will ruin you if you don't put your awareness.
As the fact shown in the movie, number of plastic everyday is getting bigger and bigger as the demands are also increasing. and the worst is plastic will never degrade or at least it will a super long time. So where are the plastic while waiting to be degraded? They are everywhere; they are contaminating the soil or floating in the sea which soon will be the root of food chain. If plastic in the sea is swallowed by fish, and it is caught by fisherman, and finally you eat it, Voila! It will be plastic in your body.
Jeb shows the tips for us to decrease the usage of plastic in our lives; bring our own bag when go to groceries, stop buying unneeded goods, get yourself busy with your family so you won't need plastic too much, or recycle it. Yes, recycle will be one of the best way to keep our earth healthy.

There are ways, If you will. So why don't you start it? Give it a go, Bag it!

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