Food Experience #4: Legend Snack

I began my Monday lunch at an eatery in FISIPOL UGM. It's a spacious and pretty clean eatery around. There are more or less 40 sets of tables and 7 booths selling different kinds of food. Steamboat, rujak, meatball, noodles and many more. As I set my foot there, the friendly sellers offered me their food. Unlike restaurant, there are no decoration on the table.
As I walked around the eatery, trying to find something to eat, I got my eyes on a bunch of red sticks on the cashier table. It would be the nostalgia of my childhood. A legend snack, that always accompanied me in my recess were calling me. With no doubt, I bought 3 of them.
I took a seat near the cashier with my friends.
Still no differences since the last time I ate it. The package for instance, still did not change. As a size of regular remote control, a transparent plastic sealed by the melting plastic wraps the sticks. I carefully opened the sealed plastic, in case the spicy powder burnt my eyes.
The first stick came out from the pack. With no fear, I devoured it. A legend taste that I could never forget is the spicy of the flavor. The red powder brought my sweat came down from my head. I know, eating this snack is actually hurting. however, I could never stop chewing its hard texture. The stick itself was salty, but from  the help of the red powder, the flavor are mixed up well and turned to be a legend snack.


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