I hate Jogja!

I never expected, planned, and wanted to have a deep crush with this town. I did wish to go to Jakarta, to see how a big city would teach me thousand things and to chase my dreams. I planned to continue my study in one of the biggest Universities in Jakarta. I was also supported by my mother to continue my study there. But that had not happened. Up to now, I know how Yogya has taken a special part in me. Coming to this part was a bloody hard journey for me.
Lately, I knew my mom wished me to stay in Yogyakarta, as this town is not that big and not that harsh. I was accepted in Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. I heavily flew to Adi Sucipto international airport. With tears and cry, with storm and lightning, I stood on the land of students' heaven. A super big suitcase, a super huge backpack, a laptop handbag, a box of gift from Balikpapan for my aunt, and my violin, I heavily walked and found a taxi to take me to my Family's house in Bantul. I never wished I stay here. I never wished to hear Gamelan in all places, I never wished to see batik wherever I go, and I never wished to learn Unggah-ungguh. 
Student Orientation |
My first smile in Yogyakarta | God Damn the FAT!

Those all my unwillingness faded away as I spent my first semester here. I learned how Gamelan was one of Indonesia's heritage, I learned that Batik was priceless as priceless as I had never expected before, and I learn how I was apathy about politeness.
As I explored some little parts of Jogja, I learned how people are varied. I met persons that I never thought of. I met things that I never imagined before. I experienced things that I never wanted to experience.

I also came to my favorite view from all over this town. Gunung Merapi
Me taking picture and directing the poses exposing
 the summit of Merapi. EXTREMELY AWESOME!

My sister took scenery of hills near Merapi.

And the last thing I love the most from this city is da FOOD! even it's too sweet for a Kalimantanese like me, but it tasted heaven! one of my favorite family restaurant is palem golek! they have sea-food like I always had in my hometown! love it!
Sitting in the restaurant

They even have a super strong see saw
for the jumbos......
and now, I understand why I will always miss this town, as I will do to my own hometown.
There are thousand of things that I had experienced in this super cool town. You have to trust me, how those experiences are priceless.


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