Hi, It's Juice Talking

Monday, March 11th, 2013.
The day started by the rain. A heavy one.
Classes were tiring. YES THEY ARE!

Sun burns my skin. Like previous days, Sun in Jogja is crazy like hell. I bet there are two of them, but the one is hiding. I attend class of Creative Writing. Today with Mbak Abmi. Again, another Indonesian Writer. She gives me doze of inspirations to keep writing, whatever happens.

Look how She stares furiously at me.
The heat gone wild. Sitting under the tree is the best. But to drink cold sweet guava juice is Heaven. I buy it in UGM Humaniora Eatery. It's a pleasure having a cold sip in a hell-hot day.

I know I can talk to things. I've been doing this since I was in junior high school. I do believe things are alive. They have soul that Ishould take care of. However, I never talk directly to things. I talk thru heart.

"Hi, ready to come to my mouth?"
She said, "I always am, Bitch. I was born to do that odious thing!"
Similar to French that categorizes thing based on the gender, I categorize thing based on the taste. If it is sweet, it's a feminine. If it is salt, it's truly a masculine one. and if it is sour, it's neutral. fyi, My laptop and motorcycle are salty.
I replied "Shut up! Don't you dare to talk much! You got a hard work to keep my body healthy, full my stomach, and make me cope with the heat!"
I take a deep sip, and Lintang asks for it. I know. It's hot outside and she sits under the sun ray.
"You know, I've been wondering. That juice maker is bloody dirty. literary. Like they are dirty and stupid."
"Look, idiot! I know that. They are stupid. I've stayed in the bowl like a day. They took my clothes off. Don't they know how it is damn good for human skin?! they are," she takes a deep breathe. I know how she has no word to explain it. " They are way out of mind!"
"And what about your seeds? Did they throw it? I didn't see the process"
"You should have seen it! They took them all! They should have learned in school how my seeds are helpful to prevent human from cancer! Don't human know that? Why human idiot? Don't they eat fruit much?"
"I wish I ate fruit much, but it's the circumstance that disallows me." I replied. "You know. I talk to things, but it's embarrassing to talk to new thing like you. I mean, I talk to my Laptop and motorcycle. I even considered them as my boyfriends. but to talk to you? I don't know. It's just weird."
"You shouldn't have done that, then."
"I want to try to talk to unusual things. Look, I suddenly got a short poem. a super spontaneous one and it's awesome."
"Lemme know!"
Juice juice juice
Guava guava guava
You are 3000 in rupiahs
I'm now felling blue
To write down the talk of me and you
It's just as blue
as Mbak Abmi's left hand tattoo.
If I could have that one too.
"You say it's good? You crazy!" She answers. "It's a fucking lame one! It's sad to hear that before I die!"
For the rest of her life, I take a last deep sip. She's gone as how my felling turning to white.


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