Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quote of My Day

"So glorify the Praises of your Lord, and ask His forgiveness. Verily, He's the One Who accepts the repentance and Who forgives."
(An-Nasr, Chapter 110, Verse 3)

May our sins forgiven By the Most Merciful.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Korean: My Merapi Story

Mount Merapi had raised its status into the highest level and finally erupted in last October 2010. Over 300 were found as corpses while another 320,000 were evacuated. Now, the civilization near Merapi has been rebuilt while the wound and trauma remain forever. 

It was in the end of October, Mount Merapi, one of the most active volcanic mountain in Indonesia, erupted. The thick ash covered the whole town around two weeks. The villages near Merapi should be abandoned. The local people had their houses burnt due to the lava and hot pyroclastic flow which killed their animal farm as well. Over 200 people were injured. The losses could not be calculated.

Kim Yee Seul retold her story excitedly
The news spread rapidly to all over the world. People might easily accessed to the latest condition happened in Merapi. However, the exaggerated news happened to be rumors. This affected Kim Yee Seul (22), a Korean studying in Yogyakarta, who shared story about her first experience dealing with the eruption. She confessed that it was her first time having herself encountering a natural disaster.

'I had to lay still when my other Korean friends move to other town. I was terribly scared. I observed the news from television. I knew they exaggerated it. It made me worse.'

It was a fearful experience for her to live far away from family while she was in the middle of panic. It happened in the beginning of November 2010. She had to face herself lying on the hospital bed for 5 days. Merapi was still erupted and produced hot ashes when she came down with Dengue Fever.  

This Seoul girl happened to stay in the highest floor of seventh story hospital. Therefore, it was her luck that she might be able to see the condition around. She was shocked when the first time she saw no colored spot unless grey. 'It was like snowing, but grey.' she said precisely. However that condition did not affect Kim's health recovery.

'I could not go out because I know the ash would not be good for my lung,' she added. 'But I was thankful that I survived and my fear gradually disappeared.' 

Sunday, March 17, 2013


I'm Stuck
in boundaries of good people
with the oxygen breathed ones,
in which sounds of God are praised

I'm Trapped
in the mind of nirvana
in the place of angels
with white silk by the path.

I'm caught
by Hero of heaven
in which their presence
torture me.

A forlorn mind Wonders
Could they release me
or Send me to hell?
Where I could scream out loud
and Walk upside down in bare hands
or Where I think senselessly. 
It's just
Flame in my mind
cannot be fought.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hi, It's Juice Talking

Monday, March 11th, 2013.
The day started by the rain. A heavy one.
Classes were tiring. YES THEY ARE!

Sun burns my skin. Like previous days, Sun in Jogja is crazy like hell. I bet there are two of them, but the one is hiding. I attend class of Creative Writing. Today with Mbak Abmi. Again, another Indonesian Writer. She gives me doze of inspirations to keep writing, whatever happens.

Look how She stares furiously at me.
The heat gone wild. Sitting under the tree is the best. But to drink cold sweet guava juice is Heaven. I buy it in UGM Humaniora Eatery. It's a pleasure having a cold sip in a hell-hot day.

I know I can talk to things. I've been doing this since I was in junior high school. I do believe things are alive. They have soul that Ishould take care of. However, I never talk directly to things. I talk thru heart.

"Hi, ready to come to my mouth?"
She said, "I always am, Bitch. I was born to do that odious thing!"
Similar to French that categorizes thing based on the gender, I categorize thing based on the taste. If it is sweet, it's a feminine. If it is salt, it's truly a masculine one. and if it is sour, it's neutral. fyi, My laptop and motorcycle are salty.
I replied "Shut up! Don't you dare to talk much! You got a hard work to keep my body healthy, full my stomach, and make me cope with the heat!"
I take a deep sip, and Lintang asks for it. I know. It's hot outside and she sits under the sun ray.
"You know, I've been wondering. That juice maker is bloody dirty. literary. Like they are dirty and stupid."
"Look, idiot! I know that. They are stupid. I've stayed in the bowl like a day. They took my clothes off. Don't they know how it is damn good for human skin?! they are," she takes a deep breathe. I know how she has no word to explain it. " They are way out of mind!"
"And what about your seeds? Did they throw it? I didn't see the process"
"You should have seen it! They took them all! They should have learned in school how my seeds are helpful to prevent human from cancer! Don't human know that? Why human idiot? Don't they eat fruit much?"
"I wish I ate fruit much, but it's the circumstance that disallows me." I replied. "You know. I talk to things, but it's embarrassing to talk to new thing like you. I mean, I talk to my Laptop and motorcycle. I even considered them as my boyfriends. but to talk to you? I don't know. It's just weird."
"You shouldn't have done that, then."
"I want to try to talk to unusual things. Look, I suddenly got a short poem. a super spontaneous one and it's awesome."
"Lemme know!"
Juice juice juice
Guava guava guava
You are 3000 in rupiahs
I'm now felling blue
To write down the talk of me and you
It's just as blue
as Mbak Abmi's left hand tattoo.
If I could have that one too.
"You say it's good? You crazy!" She answers. "It's a fucking lame one! It's sad to hear that before I die!"
For the rest of her life, I take a last deep sip. She's gone as how my felling turning to white.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sincerely, Your Secreet Admirer.

It's just a craziest thing to disobey my own obsession.
But you are way too charming.

To reject all love,
I've been good in dealing with this.
The stories before,
They all end up tragically.

I just can't stand this felling.

I am too scared and crazy to admit it.

The hardest part of a secret admirer is your own thought

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Quote of the day:
 "Eat, Like you'll die Tomorrow"
Ichamolani, March 9th, 2013.

#1 of food you have to try before die

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Road of Famous

Malioboro Street, written in Javanese writing
It's always been a terrible feeling to write under a deadline. My ideas seemed to fly away from the fingers. But to fix it, I got my own secret. I would ride my motorcycle destination-less, but sometimes I chose Malioboro to visit. It's always been good chances to see how crowded it is, or to see the latest statues built along the road.
It was last year that I met a new friend from Russia. She came to Jogja to attend Hand Ball Championship. No longer after her arrival, she asked Rista (my partner in crime) and me to take her to Malioboro. She knew lot of things about this shopping road. And I was like, seriously? How could she know Malioboro? Is Malioboro that popular? Well, I knew the answer. My conclusion came to a widest library, the Internet.

The main road of Malioboro Street
Malioboro is like other famous, modern, and busy streets as a center of Economical activities in town. Oxford street, Champs-Elysée, or even Walk of Fame in LA. Malioboro has cinemas, cafes, restaurants, fashion stores, and many others.
When you first turn to Malioboro, you will see full of busy people walk and selling things. Everything here are cheap if only you are master in bargaining. Malioboro street also offers you arts originally from Indonesia and traditional Javanese sightseeing. You might find unique statues, paints, music, or even dances. No worry for those who forget changing money into rupiahs. Here, there are doze of money changers. 
When you have to buy souvenirs, it's just your best place! There are thousand of unexpected things you might find in this street. And also Backpackers love to stay in the guest houses near the street. And thing you have to try if you here is the Lesehan. I don't know if there's any special term in English for it. It's an eatery with no chairs, but plastic carpets. Don't expect for spoon and fork, you will be served a bowl of water to wash your hand. and please eat by your fingers. (Well, now it depends on what you order. They will give you spoon and FORK for a bowl of soup). When it comes to a Holiday season or Summer time, you can barely walk along this street. It's just human everywhere. Well, try to come not in a holiday if you really want to enjoy it. 

Photo Courtesy from Indonesia Tempo Dulu
Have you ever imagined how was Malioboro around 1920's? Of course, you will find thousand of differences.
According to a source, back to 1916 Malioboro was a Chinatown. This area started to be crowded after Sultan Hamengkubuono IX established a market which now is Beringharjo. This was the only area that free from the invasion of the colony. Malioboro was not that busy, but some stores were established which soon became the pioneer of other stores in the neighborhood.
The pedestrian was not that crazy. You could freely walk, while now all the sidewalks turn to be parking lots, lesehan, and spaces for the street vendors.
It also seemed Malioboro back then was a spacious street to be a center of business.

One thing I love to know did not change is the horsecart was the public transportation. If you take a walk in Malioboro, you would see hundreds of horsecart waiting to be rode.
Take a look at the building with APOTHEEK.  Photo Courtesy from Indonesia Tempo Dulu
The same drug store

DPRD Yogyakarta | A sidewalk turns to be parking lot.

Horsecarts for those who want to enjoy the street

In the end of the road, a big Monument is located. Monument Serangan 1 Maret 1949
Bank of Indonesia
Another FYI, according to my personal informant, Malioboro means road of flower. 

Enjoy the day in Malioboro!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sweet Summer Fashion

Hola Amigos!
believe or not, Summer is closer!  Why don't you put super cool American flag tee from Blonde & Blonde . Let it make your warm days to be super amazing ones! Don't forget to put on yellow shorts and amazing pair of yellow sexy sandals from Boohoo.
And don't forget to write down things to do for your super awesome summer, girls! Let's have some fun!

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

So Long, LONDON!

"A good travel has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving" - Lao Tzu
Photo: Faris Fakri
I had got a very good chance to have another wonderful experience in visiting London. I had prepared all things; money, winter coats, huge backpack, map, and another things. I had browsed all things. I imagined how my ear would suffer for eargasm of hearing Dubstep all over places. I made a very clever planning to spend times in visiting Oxford Street. It was my dream came true.
Visa interview confirmation

As one saying, Life is not always sweet, is true! It is true! I faced a big problem in handling Visa. Well, it's not that hard. I just need mooooooore time to manage it by myself. The travel agent had to postpone the flight for the second time. In fact, I would have flown to Heathrow this April. Damn it! I will have my mid term exam in that month. I had already got angry with this unprofessional travel agent, and I chose to resign.

 My parents never taught me to rely on everybody else. This value was like proving to me, not to depend on a travel agent. you have to handle your businesses by your own.

The last thing is I will see you soon, London! ASAP! My dreams are still alive inside and I'm not gonna give up. I'll try everything to make it true.

Friday, March 1, 2013

I hate Jogja!

I never expected, planned, and wanted to have a deep crush with this town. I did wish to go to Jakarta, to see how a big city would teach me thousand things and to chase my dreams. I planned to continue my study in one of the biggest Universities in Jakarta. I was also supported by my mother to continue my study there. But that had not happened. Up to now, I know how Yogya has taken a special part in me. Coming to this part was a bloody hard journey for me.
Lately, I knew my mom wished me to stay in Yogyakarta, as this town is not that big and not that harsh. I was accepted in Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. I heavily flew to Adi Sucipto international airport. With tears and cry, with storm and lightning, I stood on the land of students' heaven. A super big suitcase, a super huge backpack, a laptop handbag, a box of gift from Balikpapan for my aunt, and my violin, I heavily walked and found a taxi to take me to my Family's house in Bantul. I never wished I stay here. I never wished to hear Gamelan in all places, I never wished to see batik wherever I go, and I never wished to learn Unggah-ungguh. 
Student Orientation |
My first smile in Yogyakarta | God Damn the FAT!

Those all my unwillingness faded away as I spent my first semester here. I learned how Gamelan was one of Indonesia's heritage, I learned that Batik was priceless as priceless as I had never expected before, and I learn how I was apathy about politeness.
As I explored some little parts of Jogja, I learned how people are varied. I met persons that I never thought of. I met things that I never imagined before. I experienced things that I never wanted to experience.

I also came to my favorite view from all over this town. Gunung Merapi
Me taking picture and directing the poses exposing
 the summit of Merapi. EXTREMELY AWESOME!

My sister took scenery of hills near Merapi.

And the last thing I love the most from this city is da FOOD! even it's too sweet for a Kalimantanese like me, but it tasted heaven! one of my favorite family restaurant is palem golek! they have sea-food like I always had in my hometown! love it!
Sitting in the restaurant

They even have a super strong see saw
for the jumbos......
and now, I understand why I will always miss this town, as I will do to my own hometown.
There are thousand of things that I had experienced in this super cool town. You have to trust me, how those experiences are priceless.

I ask God, one day

Short poetry from the bottom of despair