Through the Sensory Systems

Being a human for me is a blessed gift from God. plus He gives me a full set of senses. It just makes my life puuuuuuuurfect! well, at least close to it. I got eyes to catch beautiful sights and keep it in my memory. Like one of my beautiful memory about my favorite place. It's just a simple thing. It's my mother's bedroom. A 4x4 meters wide room with one king size bed near two-big-green-view windows. It is also furnished with a big commode and a two door wardrobe. I know, every early adult like me should have their own room. Well, in my new house, I don't get one. That is why I attack my parents'. Whenever I come to this bedroom, it's just a feast for my eyes. I see how comfortable and peaceful this room actually is and makes me want to throw my body into the bed.
Another blessed gift is my sense of smell. I got no idea how horrible my life would be if my smell no longer worked. I easily can determine the nice or stink one. Lately, I got a terrible problem with it. Whenever a stink, well say unwashed clothes, body odor, garbage, etc, comes to my nose, I will wrinkle it and barely hard to breathe.

Not forget to mention my sense of taste. This also has become one of important things in my life. As you know, food is my favorite thing. Thus, tasting is essential. One of the unforgettable taste of my favorite food is the cream sauce in Cream Sauce Pasta. It was so creamy and seriously delicious. The tasty minced ham had completely made a plate of Creamy Sauce Pasta become extremely yuuuummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Just like other sensor, auditory is also everybody's most important part. Without your hearing, you won't be able to hear. Of course! From your ears, through your brain, and the sound will be kept. It's like the first sound I always hear every single day. My Alram. Yeah, it is! Whenever I hear it in the morning, it's like waking me up from my toe through my head. No worries, I'll just turn it off and back to sleep.

Last but not least is the sense of touching. Your skin will help you to feel the texture of the surface that you touch. I love to touch everything smooth, including my new pair of white converse. Just like other normal girls, I love to land my fingers on the rubber part of my shoes. It's the only smooth part. By touching, it feels like spoiling the tips of my fingers.

Being alive is a gift and senses are truly the blessed for all creatures. Thus, we have to use and keep it well. Not to make your eyes to see nude girls, lol, or not to make your hearing parts to hear and process bad words.

Keep staying positive, fellas.


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