Small Part of Big Yogyakarta

Hi again! I've been busy these days, but yeah, I do miss writing. so, here :)

Today is the second day in new year, and I get sick with all my homework! so I decide to leave them all and YouTube-ing! HA HA! well, uhm, I subscribe plenty channel there. One of my favorites is Vice. Their videos are awaking me up.
World is not that sweet

One of a shocking video created by Vice is the documentary of Indonesia Transsexual Muslim, hosted by Hannah from Australia. I never expected this documentary would shock me so hard, perhaps because I have not seen this one yet in Yogyakarta (I currently stay in Yogyakarta, for my study. I've been here for 3 years).

This video initialed with the fact of the number of Muslim in Indonesia. Yes, they are so many here, especially in Java. It did not preclude that the number of those who disobey the Islam law is high. Not to be offensive. I might not be able to say that transsexual is one of it, considering I don't have enough evidence to prove that (if it is possible, I should say I have not found that one yet). I'm not focusing about the transsexual, but their occupation.

According to this documentary, there are many Waria (term to call transsexual in Indonesia) who earn by being prostitutes, even though they are Muslim. again, I haven't seen it by myself. This clearly disobeys Islam law, to not doing adultery.

Out from Vice documentary about Transsexual in Indonesia, particularly in Yogyakarta, I saw that to be a Waria here is different and seems tough comparing to other city. I once stayed in Jakarta, and what I found there relating to Waria was they did the transsexual for lifestyle. I mean, they dressed well, they went to good places, they drove nice cars, and other things like that. actually, I found it in Malls. Perhaps if I went to suburb, I might find different world of transsexual.
They are Waria singing in one of the main road in Yogyakarta. I met them in 2010.
I have not seen Waria hanging out in any Mall in Yogyakarta. I saw them only in streets being a street singer, in traditional market, and stuff. It seems hard to be Waria in this town. They got insulted and the worst is violence.

As Indonesian, they should have the same right as other people. Yes, I agree! even though I sometimes got jealous to them. They dressed up very well comparing to real woman like mehhh!! LOL.


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