"I'm lost, I'm blind," she cried.
"what makes you feel so? Aren't you rich? So you definitely can do anything you want," I asked, not seriously asked but at least this could make her calm.
"who says so? who says I'm rich?" her cried was getting harder, it made me feeling guilty of making her cry.
"well, your society says so! Your belongings do too" this was the only answer I could say.
"it's all only my appearance. My family, and even me are broke. We have no money, but food. I don't want to tell you that I'm broke. Ashamed!" her cries faded away, she looked sad with empty eyes.
"no! You, poor dear, are totally not broke, I definitely am sure,"
Her big eyes stared at me, just like a hungry bear found its food. "you lie, people lie to make me happy. You are the people, so you lie. You don't know how we are broke, no money, no property, no hope,"
"what about dream? You lie too if you say you don't" I replied her stare.
"I do have, but what can dream do? It cannot bring me money, it's only fantasy for those who totally out of work, those who do nothing but daydreaming. I, who is thought so rich but not, am in high class society."
"wrong. Dreams do money. They give you money."
"how, nana? How! It wouldn't happen in real life!" she started to cry again.
"no dreams are hopeless. They give you hopes, they give you brightness. Your life is dark no more, my dear"
"is it possible to get happy if I don't dream?"
"possible not! Life is started by dreams. You don't dream, means you don't live. You die. You are just a body which should been thrown. Useless. "
"how if I dream but everything is still the same? Poor? Hopeless?"
"life is like you sleep, my dear. You first close your eyes to get your perfect dream. But sometimes you don't always get beautiful dream, it even can be a nightmare which you are scare to. But that's life. You have struggle for it, you will get a very bright life, later at one time. It's like you are awaken from your sleep. You only will see a very bright and beautiful sun!"


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