Thursday, October 27, 2011

Non-verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is always used by all of people in this world to communicate their idea or opinion and also expression. Some ways to show the non-verbal communication is by doing hand gesture, face expression, body gesture, or some symbols.
I’ve interviewed my new friend, Hugh, from Melbourne. We’ve compared some hand gestures. In my community, the community of Balikpapan students in Jogja, there are no special way to say something which means not really bad. For example:
A: “How’s the food? Good?”
B: “Yeah, Pretty good.”
But, my friend said that in his country or culture there’s a way to show it. So they are waving their side of their hand up and down. And also their faces are wrinkling. This gesture can be an answer of a question about the taste of something. The answerer can replace the words, so if you don’t answer it by words people will still understand what you mean.
The other difference is people in Australia want to end something, such as conversation or show or performance, they can cross their hands with the each side of the wrist meets and then they do like throwing it forward. It also can be an answer even the speaker doesn’t speak something, as long as they mean to end something. So far, I don’t find any gestures like that in my community. So if we want to stop it, we just raise our hand as high as your shoulder and we push it forward.
In funeral, in Indonesia, people commonly will use the flag, whether it is yellow, black, white, green, etc, to show that in this place there’s a funeral. It’s different in Melbourne. They don’t show any flag or symbol for this case. They only will wear black clothes to show their condole.
Similarity of body gestures in both two different cultures is giving a warning of something to younger. We just raise the index finger and followed with the face expression, sometimes our eyes wider than normal. The other similarity is to show that something is okay or doing well. We just raise the thumb, and sometimes followed by word “okay”.

Traditional Song from Dayak Kenyah

There are hundreds of ethnics in Indonesia. One of them is Dayak. This ethnic commonly can be found in Borneo. They spread to all of area in this island. The big number of this ethnic is in Indonesia, and other stay in Malaysia. Dayak itself has hundreds subgroups, such as Dayak Kenyah.
Every subgroup has different culture. So I choose one song from Dayak Kenyah to be explained in this task. Leleng is one of the song in Dayak Kenyah. It talks about a lonely orphan girl, they called it Utan Along, who had been left by her boy. So she keeps spinning around and feels so sad until the tears fall.
By Unknown
*leleng…leleng utan along leleng
Leleng leleng utan along…leleng
Leleng… 2x
#leleng leleng utan along
Leleng leleng leleng utan along
Leleng leleng
Lelemg leleng utan along leleng leleng 2x
Back to *
Jiang mo kelo
Ketai jiang mo sa`o
Sungai sa`o sungai limu…kanan
Back to*
Jiang mo ati
Ati jiang mo jaga
Diri idaere jaga badan
Back to #
Back to *
Jiang mo kempi
Tarug jiang mo kalong
Kauju idaere kusun…lasan
Kembali ke *
Jiang mo dawing
Pecak jiang mo kalong
Kauju idaere umah…luan
Lelelng…leleng utan along
This song is usually followed with the dance which danced by some group of girls. They make a circle and spinning around it. Why should girl? It’s because Utan in Dayak Language means girls. This dance became an obligatory class for some elementary schools. But now, it’s different. Now some schools teach Tari Enggang which talks about a special bird from Kalimantan, Enggang.
How does it communicate with other ethnic?
I have interviewed some friends from other ethnic in Indonesia. 2 of them are Javanese and one is Batakness. All of them have almost same thought about this song. They thought that this song talks about the beauty of the nature in Kalimantan. Because they heard some words which they thought it referred to the nature. Such as Utan which actually means a girl and sungai which actually means tears. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


When I had money, money, O!
I knew no joy till I went poor;
For many a false man as a friend
Came knocking all day at my door.
Then felt I like a child that holds
A trumpet that he must not blow
Because a man is dead; I dared
Not speak to let this false world know.
Much have I thought of life, and seen
How poor men’s hearts are ever light;
And how their wives do hum like bees
About their work from morn till night.
So, when I hear these poor ones laugh,
And see the rich ones coldly frown—
Poor men, think I, need not go up
So much as rich men should come down.
When I had money, money, O!
My many friends proved all untrue;
But now I have no money, O!
My friends are real, though very few

Everybody has different interpretation about Money written by William Henry Davies. In my opinion the first and the second stanzas has a connection. They are still telling what happened to the ‘I’ in this poetry. Here are my interpretations line to line.
First stanza.
This stanza explains about the ‘I’, the main character in this poem, who has a bad past experience when he was rich.
When I had money, money, O! - In this sentence, the ‘I’ is starting to tell his past when he had money.
I knew no joy till I went poor; - this sentence is telling what the ‘I’ felt when he was rich. He felt that being rich or having money has no happiness, but it’s just different when he came to be poor. It sounds that the ‘I’ regret that he did do nothing when he was rich.
For many a false man as a friend - the ‘I’ is explaining who his friends were when he was rich. The ‘I’ felt that they are fake and pretending to be good for him. In this sentence, I think it’s the cause why the ‘I’ felt regret in the second line. The author also used the word ‘many’ and ‘a’ at the same time.
Came knocking all day at my door. - The ‘I’ is telling what are those men pretending as his friend did when he was rich. They didn’t just came and knocking. I think, it’s not just that simple, maybe those fake men asking for some loans to the ‘I’ or other thing about money and I’s wealthy. This line supposed to explain the more reason why the ‘I’ felt no joy when he was rich.
Second stanza.
This stanza is explaining about the reason why the ‘I’ felt like he has no joy when he was rich.
Then felt I like a child that holds – there is a word ‘child’ in this sentence. I think ‘child’ here means a person who cannot do what he wants freely, such a child who cannot do anything without having permission from their parents. So the ‘I’ felt like he was being controlled by the person who will be explained in the next line.
A trumpet that he must not blow – this line still has a connection between the first and the third line. Trumpet in this line, I think, it’s symbolizing the freedom in I’s life. So this line means that the ‘I’ cannot enjoy his wealthy and his life. It can be seen in the last part of the line “must not blow”. Normally, trumpet will make a sound if only the user blows it.
Because a man is dead; I dared – the first part of this line, I think, means the unproductive or unprofitable persons who control his life. It’s more explaining that those fake friends are parasite for him.
Not speak to let this false world know. – This line is the continuity of the last part of the third line. The ‘I’ felt that he’d be better not to speak or saying anything to let the world know that he didn’t like of what they did to him.
Third stanza.
This stanza, I think, doesn’t have any connection with the stanzas before. I think this stanza is telling a new story about also poor men that the ‘I’ had ever seen or ever known.
Much have I thought of life, and seen – in this line, the ‘I’ is also starting to tell another story that he had thought and seen. It seems like he had already seen much things about wealthy, poverty, or something like that.
How poor men’s hearts are ever light; – this sentence is the first part of another story which also tells about poverty that doesn’t have any connections with the first story which tells about the ‘I’s experience. This new story, I think, tells about the ‘I’ has never seen any poor men who ever have happy and good lives. It can be seen from the word ‘light’ in the last part of this sentence. I think that word refers to the happy life.
And how their wives do hum like bees­ – and this line means that the family, not just their wives I think, of poor men are always doing mumble or always not satisfied with what their husbands have from their works. It can be proved by seeing the words ‘hum like bees’. Even though they are doing hum, but I think there’s no bee’s hum which sounds beautiful and nice. Normally bees’ sounds are like very crowd and very not orderly. So if it represents human’s angriness and unsatisfied.
About their work from morn till night. – This line is the continually of the previous line which tells about what the wives of poor men do. I think this is also the further explanation of what those wives mumbling about. They mumble about the work of the poor men.
I think this stanza is telling about the poor men who always work hard from morning till night but they are still poor. And also, I think, it’s telling about how’s the condition of poor men’s households. Their wives are not satisfied of what they have.
Fourth stanza
This stanza, I think, is telling what happened exactly between poor men and rich men. It seems like they have a big gap in the middle of their relationship.
So, when I hear these poor ones laugh, – this line is continuing the further story about poor men’s lives which the ‘I’ had ever seen and known. The ‘I’ in this line tells that the other story when he saw the poor men got laugh or in this case laugh can have another meaning. Laugh perhaps means happiness or a celebration of something which makes someone felling a joy or happy.
And see the rich ones coldly frown – I think this last part of the sentence means that when the rich men see the happy poor men, they will, well it’s not jealous I think, have such a bad sight to the poor men. maybe because the rich men have mainstreams that every poor men won’t ever be happy. It can be proved by the words ‘coldly frown’.
Poor men, think I, need not go up – this line is the hope of the ‘I’. He hopes that there will be no more poor people in this world. It can be seen in the words ‘poor men – need not go up’. I think it’s a hope which means that poor men don’t need to be increased anymore.
So much as rich men should come down. – and this sentence is the opposite of the previous line. He hopes that the rich men will be poor. Perhaps his aim of saying this is both poor and rich men can exchange their position. Just like the wheel of life. Nobody could stay in the up for their whole lives.
Fifth stanza
This last stanza, I think, is the conclusion of the whole previous stanza.
When I had money, money, O! – This line is repeating the first line of the first stanza.
My many friends proved all untrue; – this line is telling that his fake friends are showing their fakeness to him. This happened when he had money, when he was rich. This line has a relation with the first stanza.
But now I have no money, O! – and this line is telling that the contrasted of the first stanza which telling the time when he was rich.
My friends are real, though very few. – this line shows the effect of being poor. He feels like his real friends are only few. Only some true friends want to accept him. Nobody wants to accept the poor men.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I see you look so bold on that land of uncolored,
behind the almost black metal,
under the wooden colored cap,
bringing pipe long-rolled-white seemed like canvas,
hiding in big rock shadow,
with your hard metal shoes,
taking out your brand new ray-ban,
wiping sweat drops on your chicks,
looking for your photo taker
taking the picture of your new discover,
calling your friends out,
discussing about your smart

i see you look so kind on your nice smile,
with your wise eye sight,
and bringing a responsible as a leader.

i see you look so right on your simple minded,
it's just you.

am i wrong? of liking you?
when i saw it, God i wanted it.
when i heard it, God i imagined it.
when i touched it, God i felt it.
when i realized it, God i am alone

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Turn to be

Tears of laugh are falling 
When happiness is calling.
Smiles of wide are rising
When your baby is crawling.

But they could turn to be

Mad of your mind is boiling
When around is so sweltering.
Peace of your hearth is not surrounding
Because air becomes so stifling.

Sexual Health for Teens

Importance of Learning Sexual Health
In some cultures, word ‘sex’ is still taboo and not allowed to be talked to if you are not married or mature enough. It means that for unmarried persons, who commonly they are still young, are lack of information about sex. It’s not about sex itself, but about the health of sexual organs and the way they take care of it. That is why it would be so much important to learn about sexual health for young people, considering it will grow the awareness about their sexual organs, avoid the illness in their sexual health, and give understanding about the risk of having sex.
It will be dangerous for teenager if they don’t grow their awareness about their sexual organs. About the care of sexual organs for example. If they don’t care about the cleanness of their sexual organs, they may get some disease. Especially woman, disease will come to them if they don’t care about their sexual health. The most avoidable illness for women is cervical cancer. This is caused by unclean body, such as washing the vagina with dirty water.

The other reason why teenagers should know about their sexual health is to avoid the illness in their sexual health. There are many Sexually Transmitted Diseases[1] such as gonorrhea , syphilis, and many others. Those illness are caused commonly by doing wrong way of having sex[2].

Teenagers should also know the risk of having sexual activity in their young life, such as pregnancy. Because of a young pregnancy will get some serious illnesses. They will have a trouble with their structure of their bones, because in adolescent growth period, their bones still need calcium which is also very important for the baby need. Of course their bodies will found difficulties of sharing calcium.
Being lack of information about sexual health can be a disaster for teenagers’ lives and futures. Therefore, they have to learn it, hoping learning sexual activity will grow their care of their sexual organs, keep away from the illness in their sexual health, and also encourage teenagers to understand about the risk of having sex.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fiction Biography

 García Caro[1]
García Caro is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. She was born in New York, 24 years ago with the hopelessness environment. Her parents moved to New York right before García born, from Mexico because of financial problem they faced. Her dad was a construction worker in New York and died when García was 10 years old because of a fatal accident. To continue their life, her mom became a helper in a small bakery. García has 2 sisters. They lived in financial problems, and García’s childhood was in a misery.
Young García was smart. Her hobbies were reading and singing at that time. She thought her sisters to read. García and her sisters went to school by a help of generous man. She never stopped reading and learning anything new. And also she practiced singing by peeking a vocal class secretly. Before her sleep, she never stopped dreaming that her name will be on the marquee in Madison square garden.
Her dreams were becoming true when she was accepted by the scholarship in NYU majoring arts and sciences. But it was not that sweet. She was bullied by some students because she was too awkward and weird. Other reason why they bullied her was because García came from a poor family and poor environment. Even sometimes her dark childhood made her felt ashamed, but she never stopped struggling.
Until a music producer came and asked her for a record. The producer was thinking that García has a good sense of music and he loved her acting which very amazing. Her first song hit the Hollywood billboard and her one million copies were sold out in the last of 2006.
In 2010 she has got more than fifteen achievements and awards. Her charisma has already spread through all over the world. She never stops dreaming and hoping.

[1] Fiction story

open for your critics.

Custom is just a Custom

i'm angry writing this. it's such a fed up feeling.
you know, how you will be so much hate if someone only talks behind you, pretending to be SO MUCH NICE when he talks to me and also keeps telling me that i'm bla bla bla (nice words).
maybe custom makes you so. but i've found different people who have the same ethnic with you who treat me well. they say what they hate me, they tell me what should i change. they never hide it!
hey dude over there. just get your dick sucked!
you learn INTERNATIONAL language, so you should learn its culture also.
NEVER TALK BEHIND PEOPLE YOU HATE! you HAVE to say what you don't like from them, then they will change or they will always treat you bad! you just hide from your chairman! you ask her to tell me what should i change! it's not fair if you a GENTLEMAN.
my angry will never end IF you keep behave like that loser dude! please show how ENGLISH affect your life and also your way to behave. once again, you such a loser.
fuck off and suck your dick! you'll never get a prestige lesson, man! i swear!

*ps: the word 'he' here is not a special man, or boyfriend, or somekind of that. but he is a LOSER who never gets brave to talk to a STRONG woman like me.

thank you.

sorry, I'm Angry for this custom.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Story of a maiden 2

People are always underestimating her. They don't really get what in her, what's the mind, what's her value. People, boys especially, never look right trough her heart. so one day, maiden gets insult
"hey! you! no boys want you! you just not good to be alive!"
maiden just smiles and smiles and smiles. she is strong. she can stand those insult and her feeling never gets hurt.
"hey! you!why are you here?! no boys want you! you just not good to be alive!"
maiden never gets sad, either angry. maiden just smiles and smiles and smiles. she knows, it's just nothing. she has to get use with this and believe that her life won't be stop by those words and understand that God has made it!
hurt again.
"hey! you! no boys want you! you are not pretty, not slender, don't have long hair, not sweet! you just not good to be alive!"
maiden keeps going and walks away. she only looks for a boy who think that she is pretty with all she has. mind, body, soul, and heart.
she just very understands what common man see from girls usually. only body, face, make up, money. they never see through what those girls get, what those girls are thinking, they just fake when they say in love with you without knowing what's in your mind and soul.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Three years of being together and now we are apart. I'm wishing your birthday :)

Tiwi's b'day was in 21st september. :) happy birthday fellas!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


so, there was a game in my writing class. each member of group should continue what their friends had written. it was started by a undone sentence "I opened my closet door and ...."
and my story become so *um* *you know* *yaaa* weird.

[Me] I opened my closet door and I found a quite big box shining in front of me. I opened it, and I could see Hollywood in it. I tried to jump in but I found my butt is too big. I got no idea to deal with my butt, but what I really wanted to do was to jump in that box. I hoped somebody came and helped me. I was so

[Friend sitting next to me] frustrated, because I really wanted to go to Hollywood. While I'm stuck and trying all i did was imagining i will meet Tom cruise and maybe I can kiss and hug him brutally and it will be the most unforgettable moment in Mr. Cruise's life. it's okay if he has a little trauma 'cause i'm so jealous with Katie Holmes.

[Friend sitting next to the friend sitting next to me] anyway, i really want to go there. i had an idea to do plastic sugary and i wanted lose wight as many as i can. that day was coming. i went to the hospital near my house, it was too expensive but it was better than spending money for going to Hollywood by airplane. as i'd said, i am too big. usually the officer count me as two passenger.

[the other friend sitting next to my friend who wrote above] I wish the officer can count me as one passenger if i do my plastic surgery. the time to do the surgery is come. in short, i have already done that. now i am beautiful and slim. after that, i am joining a model agency. i wish i can go to Hollywood if i become an artist. i am trying to follow casting for Hollywood movie. there are Cinta Laura and Tom Cruise there. Oh my God! I was so surprised. I really really want to pass this casting. in the audition, the judge ask me to be like tree and monkey. I thought that it was so weird. is this casting for tree and monkey? I want to give up but i remember for Tom Cruise and Hollywood. Finally, I made this

[go back to me, and this part should be the conclusion] stop. I remember about the box in my closet. i go back to my house and open it, and jump in it. Yay! i'm in Hollywood. I'm pretty and hot and in Hollywood.

so random!

coma and dot

no coma after dot
but coma is always before dot