Thing I cannot go with

I just lost my pencil case. but a very kind man, save it for me:) thank you very very absolutely much, Sir.
well, it's not a big thing for anybody except me. there are so many treasure in it. even though it will be nothing for you. here is mine.

Why should this thing be my treasure? here are the explanations!

1.the purse, the check pattern one, is a special purse from my friend. her parents came from their one-month work in Scotland. they brought me this. it's been 4 or 5 years with me! :D
2. in this pencil case, there's a mini sticky note! For the God's sake! i cannot lose it, or i won't know what homeworks to be done! gosh!

3.this ruler, I unconsciously took it from my cousin's room. hey, Non! if you want your ruler back, call me. i'll bring it to you!

4. I cannot change this mechanic pencil. even though it doesn't work again, but it has a very deep memory. 4 years ago, my friends and I made this pencil as our memorable thing! perhaps we can meet again, fellas :)
5. this key chain is also special for me. my aunt bought me from Disney Land Paris :) *mickey's hand was unfortunately fell down and i couldn't find it.
6. the rest stationary is also priceless. don't go far from me :(

those are things in my pencil case. it's not to pricey, but it's priceless for me. thanks for being with me at least the last 5 years :)


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