KPMB Yogyakarta

FaQ about KPMB

What is KPMB?
KPMB stands for "Keluarga Pelajar Mahasiswa Balikpapan" which means it is a place for the whole students whose ID cards are from the Government of Balikpapan, (in Indonesia the students of school and campus get different names Pelajar-for school and Mahasiswa- for campus) live in Yogyakarta. Physically it's just a 6 rooms house with a hall near it. of course it cannot cover the whole students to live there. but it gives a warmness for us. perhaps the one reason is because we use the same dialect.

How to get there?
it's quite easy. you, who stays in Yogyakarta, can call a cab and go to OB (outlet biru). ask the driver to go through the north and about 500meters you will find a broken white house on the right side of the road. this is it. or, you may ask us to pick you up. KPMB has some easiest ways to be contacted. Twitter, Facebook, and Blog. good luck ;)

What does KPMB do?
there are a bunch of activities in KPMB. the weekly activities are badminton every tuesday, kungfu, futsal, and many others.


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