Folklore of Balikpapan

Folklore is part of a custom in every ethnic. Especially in Indonesia, there are hundreds of ethnics and of course folklore. Folklore itself, based on Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is a noun which means traditional customs, tales, sayings, dances, or art forms preserved among a people or a community.
In my hometown, Balikpapan, East Borneo, there are folklore. Two of them are famous the most, the stories or tales of name Balikpapan itself and Pulau Tukung and Pulau Babi
Until now, there are so many versions talked about the history of the name of Balikpapan. The version I heard the most from my family and friends is about the royal family of the Ethnic which had lived in Balikpapan thousands years ago. The ethnic was called Paser. At that time, there was a kingdom which placed in Balikpapan. The kingdom was huge and rich. So one day, princess' husband was taking the tribute from the citizen. The tributes were boards. He was taking it by using small boat. Unfortunately there were a big storm and the whole boards that had been taken were flipped over and also the boat. Since that incident, the bay and  land called Balik-papan.
The other controversial tale in Balikpapan is about a small island which placed in the south side of Balikpapan. The exact place is in the Bay. There is a small hut on its top. People believe the hut is the Grave of the son-in-law of the King that I have talked about before.
The tale about this island is also widely spread. People believe there is a soul of a white tiger who protects this island. Near Tukung Island, around 500meters to the west side, there is also a small island named Babi Island. People believe that in the certain evening, usually the yellow evening, those two islands will come together so it makes Tukung Island looks bigger.


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