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Food experience #2

I was treated by my friends a cheesy lemon sauce and creamy soup. I bet you'll like it.

Tale of Ungrateful Person: short review

Title              : The Ungrateful Neighbor
Author         : Margery Green
Publisher     : Macmillan & Co. LTD
Year             : 1969

Theme is main message in a story or novel. In this novel, I find a moral message which is very meaningful. It is about sincerity. How a sincerity of a person can lead him to the fortune. In this case, Abu Sir is the person who has a big sincerity of what Abu Kir has done to him. He never cares about the bad treat that he gets from Abu Kir. However, Abu Sir always helps Abu Kir whatever his condition is.
Main Characters
This novel has two main characters which always occur in every single time. There are Abu Sir and Abu Kir. Abu Sir is a barber. Everybody likes him because his honesty and his kindness. He loves his family and friends whatever his condition is. Abu Kir is a dyer. He dishonest to everybody he meets, in purpose he will gain more money and become rich. He is hated by people in Alexandria, because he lies to his costumers. He is also very greedy. He takes all of people’s money without thinking of what people think about him.
Summary of the Story
There are two men living in Alexander. They are neighbor. The one is a dyer, Abu Kir, and the other man is a barber, Abu Sir. Abu Kir is very greedy; he does tricks to all of his costumers. Everyman who comes to his store to dye their clothes will never get their clothes back. Abu Kir will say that the clothes have been stolen, but actually the clothes are sold by Abu Kir to earn more money so he can buy drinks. His neighbor, Abu Sir, is a good barber. He is honest to all his costumers.
One day, Abu Kir gets bankruptcy. All of his costumers don’t trust him anymore and all of his money has been spent on drinks. So he is poor. Abu Sir tells Abu Kir to live together with him and his family. But it takes too long, so Abu Sir also gets lack of money. He decides to go overseas to find a better job. Abu Kir joins Abu Sir.
In a big ship, Abu Sir decides to find new costumers so they can eat, but Abu Kir says he cannot go because he feels sea-sick so he has to have a rest for a long time. Abu Sir makes friend with all people on the board, and also the captain of the ship. But still, Abu Kir pretends that he gets the sea-sick so he cannot go out of his room.
After they arrive in a new place, Abu Sir finds a place for both of them to live. But Abu Kir still pretends that he cannot do anything because of his sea-sick so he has to stay in the room. Abu Sir still cares to his friend. He works and buys food for both of them. One day, Abu Sir falls sick. He cannot work because he is too tired. The unkind Abu Kir leaves Abu Sir alone and takes all of his money. Abu Kir goes out and looks for the place to have a job.
This is the first time of Abu Kir to walk around the town. Abu Kir gets shock because all of the dryer stores in this town only provide black and dark blue dye. Abu Kir goes to the palace to tell the king that he can make another dye color except black and dark blue. The king gets impressed to him and gives him a store to dye.
Abu Sir is looked after by his neighbor until he is back to health. He finds that Abu Kir now is a rich man who has a big store of dye. He tries to tell Abu Kir that he is now healthy, but what he get is a bad treat from Abu Kir. Abu Kir hits him and yells to him so everybody in his store could hear that he is the thief of Abu Kir’s money.
Feeling shock, Abu Sir tries to be relax and to find a Hammam, a place where people can get a relaxing massage and bath. But he cannot find it. So he goes to the palace to tell the king that he can build a Hammam for the citizens. The king gives him a store and gets shock because of the treatment in Abu Sir’s Hammam. Everybody goes to the Hammam to get a massage. And also Abu Kir, he gets a very special treatment from Abu Sir.
Abu Kir feels jealous of Abu Sir, so he makes a rumor of Abu Sir. He says to the King that Abu Sir will kill the ministers who get the treatment in Abu Sir’s Hammam. The king is angry and banishes him. Abu Sir leaves his store and go to the coast side to be a fisherman.
One day, the king loses his magic ring. He doesn’t tell anybody, because if people know that he loses his magic ring, people will think that their king is no longer powerful. Abu Sir goes to the sea to find some fish to eat. One of his fish he get swallows the king’s magic ring. Abu Sir suddenly goes to the palace to give the ring to the King. The king gets shock and realizes that Abu Sir is a honest person. He also realizes that Abu Kir is a liar that gets jealous with Abu Sir. Because of that, the King executes Abu Kir.  
Setting and Atmosphere
There are so many settings in this novel, both of places and time. The first main setting of place is in the town of Alexander, where both Abu Sir and Abu Kir work as a barber and dyer.  The second one is on the ship which brings them to new country. This place also gives them new story, such as when Abu Sir has to work to gain more money and food from people on the ship. The third setting of place is in a new city where both of Abu Sir and Abu Kir find new job. Those three settings of place have both day and night setting.
The most dominant emotion which occurs in this story is happiness and crankiness. The happiness may be found when the Abu Sir feels happy. It’s like he is sharing it to the readers. And the crankiness may be found from what Abu Kir has done to people around him. It will make the reader feel cranky of him.

I don’t think there are any symbols in this novel, because there are no special occasions or things that drive the reader to think about any symbolism.

short review of A Christmas Carol

Title              : A Christmas Carol
Author         : Charles Dickens
Publisher     : Collin’s English Library
Year             : 1974

The main theme of this novel is about a happiness of Christmas. It is about a journey how Mr. Scrooge turns to be so kind in his society especially in Christmas occasion. He was the person who never cares his society. He only thought about money and his business. After his changing, he becomes more care to his society especially people around him and also he gets the main meaning of Christmas.
Main Characters
Mr. Scrooge is a round character. He is changed. In the first time, he is very rude to everybody around him, very stingy of his money so he is unwilling to give any donation for poor people, and also he always feels lonely especially after the death of his best friend. But after a big journey he has, he is changed. He becomes so kind especially to his clerk. He gives Bob a turkey so Cratchit’s can have a prestige Christmas dinner.  Mr. Scrooge is also back to he used to be when he loves Christmas so much.
Summary of the Story
Christmas Carol is a story of an old man, Ebenezer Scrooge, who is left by his best friend, Jacob Marley. He dies in one Christmas Eve. Mr. Scrooge feels lonely after the death of his friend. Seven years has passed. Mr. Scrooge becomes a very scary man. He doesn’t like anything about Christmas, whereas everybody loves it. He never cares about Christmas. It makes people around him, his clerk Bob Cratchit and his nephew, feel pity to him.
After seven years of the death of Mr. Marley, Mr. Scrooge is haunted by the spirit of Mr. Marley. Mr. Scrooge doesn’t believe it firstly, because it looks so pale and chains, padlock, and bandages around his body. After it proves that it is the ghost of Mr. Marley, he believes it. It says that Mr. Scrooge will have a journey with other three spirits who will come in the night of Christmas.
The first spirit is a ghost of Christmas past. It looks like a fire with a hat. It brings Mr. Scrooge to his past. The journey shows the young Scrooge when he always felt happy and also more innocent. He always smiled to everybody and cared to his surroundings. The journey also shows the reason why Mr. Scrooge dislikes the Christmas.
The second spirit is a ghost of Christmas Present. The spirits is so big and shiny. There are also gifts and food below where it stands. The spirit brings Mr. Scrooge to the happiness of people in their Christmas. He is brought to the house of his clerk, Bob Cratchit. People in Bob’s house are so happy even though they celebrate Christmas very simple. There is also Tiny Tim, Bob’s youngest son, who has a very serious ill. Poor Tiny cannot be back to health because Mr. Scrooge doesn’t want to pay a proper pay to Bob.
The third spirit is a Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. It more looks like an angel of death with its black hoodie and a long stick in its hands. It flies Mr. Scrooge to a time in a future. The journey shows the future of Mr. Scrooge if he doesn’t change the way he is and also the way he treats Bob so Tiny Tim dies. He is also taken to his neglected grave, where nobody cares about him anymore. Mr. Scrooge cries and begs to the spirit to bring him back to his life so he can change the way he behaves.
In the morning, Mr. Scrooge wakes up. He feels very happy of still being alive. He sends a turkey to Bob’s house, so they can celebrate Christmas. He also goes to his nephew’s party invitation. He becomes more care to his society and gives a lot of smiles to people around. His life is different and happy now.
Setting and Atmosphere
The town where Dickens chose to be the setting of place in this story is in London during the middle of 1800’s. It can be seen from the background of Dickens and also from the story itself. Dickens wrote this story during 1840’s and published it in 1843 where the effect of industrial revolution affects people in England at that time. It is cited in this story where Bob is not paid properly by Mr. Scrooge; it shows how the right of the employee after the revolution is not organized so well.
The main atmospheres which can be felt in this story are the warmth, happiness, and joy of the celebration of Christmas. It can be seen in the part where the family of Bob celebrates the Christmas dinner. It shows to the reader that everybody will be happy in this celebration. But Dickens also brings the dark, coldness, sadness, loneliness, and death in his novel. It can be felt in the first and the middle part of this novel. In the first part, Dickens shows how Mr. Scrooge is feeling lonely after the death of his friend. And in the middle of the story, Dickens brings the reader to the part where Mr. Scrooge is feeling the coldness, sadness, and fear of death.
There are some parts in this story which can be considered as the symbols of things. The first one I considered as a symbol is the chains and padlocks which worn by the ghost of Marley. It symbolizes that the soul cannot be free because there are so many boundaries for him. The second thing is the gifts and food in the scene where the second ghost appears. It symbolizes the happiness and the joy of people who celebrate 

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

it's me and my home made pasta creamy sauce

i was lack of money in one last month. so my creativity came up. i got to mix all the ingredients left in my room.
macaroni pasta
full cream milk
seasoning (salt, pepper)
first of all, you have to boil the water.
 and pour the macaroni pasta into the boiling water.
pour salt. after the pasta has been done, you move to cook the creamy sauce.

 boil the milk.
 pour the cheese and seasoning.
 after the sauce has been boiled, mix the pasta and the sauce.
 voila! home made pasta creamy sauce has done! bon app├ętit!

thanks to Lintang, for the bright idea :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I was waiting for my next class in my campus. so this is it. our creativity. my friend, Aida, got her skinny jeans. FYI, brand new. LOL. her veil, the flower pattern one and her white shirt. with her wedges boots on. volia!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thing I cannot go with

I just lost my pencil case. but a very kind man, save it for me:) thank you very very absolutely much, Sir.
well, it's not a big thing for anybody except me. there are so many treasure in it. even though it will be nothing for you. here is mine.

Why should this thing be my treasure? here are the explanations!

1.the purse, the check pattern one, is a special purse from my friend. her parents came from their one-month work in Scotland. they brought me this. it's been 4 or 5 years with me! :D
2. in this pencil case, there's a mini sticky note! For the God's sake! i cannot lose it, or i won't know what homeworks to be done! gosh!

3.this ruler, I unconsciously took it from my cousin's room. hey, Non! if you want your ruler back, call me. i'll bring it to you!

4. I cannot change this mechanic pencil. even though it doesn't work again, but it has a very deep memory. 4 years ago, my friends and I made this pencil as our memorable thing! perhaps we can meet again, fellas :)
5. this key chain is also special for me. my aunt bought me from Disney Land Paris :) *mickey's hand was unfortunately fell down and i couldn't find it.
6. the rest stationary is also priceless. don't go far from me :(

those are things in my pencil case. it's not to pricey, but it's priceless for me. thanks for being with me at least the last 5 years :)

this post, i'm going to show you off a pizza!

very crispy! try it or die!

Nanamia Pizza, Jogja

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Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story: Similarities and Differences

Romantic genre movies nowadays are the most popular movies in public. For example Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story. Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous movies and so is West Side Story. They talk about forbidden love of a couple, because their loves are strong, they are secretly in love. Their love stories end tragically. Even though it has same plot, there are still some differences and similarities which can be found in both of two plays. Both similarities and differences can be seen from some aspects such as characters, plot, and setting.
There are some several similarities and differences of the character. The similar characters in West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet may be found by exploring it, Tony and Romeo for example. They have same characterization. Both of them are typically men who are not easy to give up. They do anything to chase their love. Such as Tony, after the ball he chases Maria even though his gang forbid. It is also happened in Romeo's scene. After the party in house of Juliet, Romeo keeps chasing Juliet, even though he has already known that both of them are from different families which have conflict. Those both scenes show the boys are not easy to give up, even though they realize that both of their sides are in conflicts. Not only similarities, the differences also can be found in both movies. Romeo and Tony also have differences, such as the cultural aspects which exist in their lives. In the first part of the movie of Romeo and Juliet shows a building which is very great and of course it is owned by Montague’s. It represents that Romeo comes from a rich family, he does not need to work to fulfill his life’s need. It contrasts with Tony’s life. In the movie, there is a dialogue between Tony and Riff. Tony is busy moving the packages and boxes. He works in Doc’s drug store. This scene is representing that Tony has to work to fulfill his life needs.
The general plots of the movies, West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet, also have both similarities and differences. In the beginning of West Side Story, the both gangs are doing a battle. They are chasing the other gang around the blocks and making a fool of their rivals such as when the Jets writes on the wall “Shark stinks”. It tells us that both of two gangs cannot get along. They cannot be together because of their different point of view. This case also can be found in Romeo and Juliet. The men of both Capulet and Montague are also doing battle. Not only shooting one to another, they also make fool to their rivals such as when Montague boys are shouting to the Capulet’s “A dog of the house of Capulet move me!” It shows us that both families also cannot get along to one and another. Another similarity is the party. The party in West Side Story is a dance party. There are two gangs in this ball, Shark and Jets. Even though they are in the same place, but they cannot assimilate their rivals. When the represents of the gangs, Tony from Jets and Maria from Shark, meet they fall in love for the first time. It shows us that the party is the first place where their love story begins. Romeo and Juliet also presents this scene. There is a party in Capulet’s house. But Romeo and his friends secretly come to the party. They are having fun in the party, until suddenly Romeo meets Juliet. They also fall in love for the first time. It also tells us that the party held in Capulet’s house is the first place where Romeo and Juliet meet. The differences of those movies are the wedding of the main characters. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo marries Juliet secretly in the church. Friar marries them. He stands in the neutral sides and doesn’t stand on both sides. It shows us that what the main characters want is a marriage, even though their families do not accept them. But West Side Story serves another story. Tony and Maria are not married. They only fall in love so deep. Even Doc, quite similar to Friar, only accepts their relationship. In my interpretation, both of Maria and Tony still want their love to be accepted so they could get married.
The similarities and differences of the movies also exist in setting of place. The clearest similarity is the balcony. Both movies have a balcony setting. In West Side Story, for example, there is a place where Tony meets Maria after the ball. It is in Maria’s balcony. This place is a place where Maria and Tony meet for a little chat before Maria’s parents are calling for her. And also in Romeo and Juliet, there is a scene after the party and of course after he meets Juliet in the party. The scene is showing that Romeo climbs up to the balcony of Juliet, perhaps she will come out. From that place, their long meeting starts. It represents that the balcony in both movies is the place where the main characters start their love stories. There is also a main difference in the movies. West Side Story takes place in Manhattan, U.S.A. It can be seen in the very beginning of the movie where the angle of the camera is in the sky of Manhattan. It is a very big city with blocks and huge buildings where the immigrants come to. It is very different with Romeo and Juliet. It takes place in Verona, Italy, which can be seen in the very beginning of the movie where the camera is flying in the sky of Verona. This city has some very beautiful architecture buildings and also a big statue in the middle of the Capulet and Montague sides. 
In conclusion, although there are so much difference and similarity the movies, it still becomes an interesting story to be watch. Both of the differences and similarities are the ways of the actors behave, the way the story runs, and the setting of the places in those movies. This case doesn’t make the watchers disappointed, because perhaps this romantic story always brings a joy to the watches.

Folklore of Balikpapan

Folklore is part of a custom in every ethnic. Especially in Indonesia, there are hundreds of ethnics and of course folklore. Folklore itself, based on Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is a noun which means traditional customs, tales, sayings, dances, or art forms preserved among a people or a community.
In my hometown, Balikpapan, East Borneo, there are folklore. Two of them are famous the most, the stories or tales of name Balikpapan itself and Pulau Tukung and Pulau Babi
Until now, there are so many versions talked about the history of the name of Balikpapan. The version I heard the most from my family and friends is about the royal family of the Ethnic which had lived in Balikpapan thousands years ago. The ethnic was called Paser. At that time, there was a kingdom which placed in Balikpapan. The kingdom was huge and rich. So one day, princess' husband was taking the tribute from the citizen. The tributes were boards. He was taking it by using small boat. Unfortunately there were a big storm and the whole boards that had been taken were flipped over and also the boat. Since that incident, the bay and  land called Balik-papan.
The other controversial tale in Balikpapan is about a small island which placed in the south side of Balikpapan. The exact place is in the Bay. There is a small hut on its top. People believe the hut is the Grave of the son-in-law of the King that I have talked about before.
The tale about this island is also widely spread. People believe there is a soul of a white tiger who protects this island. Near Tukung Island, around 500meters to the west side, there is also a small island named Babi Island. People believe that in the certain evening, usually the yellow evening, those two islands will come together so it makes Tukung Island looks bigger.

Friday, December 9, 2011

New food experiences

Jogja is a truly never ending Indonesia!
That is what actually I have in mind about the city where I study.
last week friends of mine, they are Japanese, asked me to eat a very new kind of food in my life! what a shocking news it was! Cobra!! how can a normal person like me, eat cobra?!?!
the photo below is called Cobra Saus Cina. a cobra fried crunchy with sauce of Chinese flavor.

and the other photo is Cobra Lada Hitam. It is cobra, cooked with black pepper.

both photos are taken from my friend's facebook.

for those who really like to try something extreme can come to Jogja and try these kind of food. they serve some menu, such as cobra burger, cobra steak, and so many food!
bon appetit!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

KPMB Yogyakarta

FaQ about KPMB

What is KPMB?
KPMB stands for "Keluarga Pelajar Mahasiswa Balikpapan" which means it is a place for the whole students whose ID cards are from the Government of Balikpapan, (in Indonesia the students of school and campus get different names Pelajar-for school and Mahasiswa- for campus) live in Yogyakarta. Physically it's just a 6 rooms house with a hall near it. of course it cannot cover the whole students to live there. but it gives a warmness for us. perhaps the one reason is because we use the same dialect.

How to get there?
it's quite easy. you, who stays in Yogyakarta, can call a cab and go to OB (outlet biru). ask the driver to go through the north and about 500meters you will find a broken white house on the right side of the road. this is it. or, you may ask us to pick you up. KPMB has some easiest ways to be contacted. Twitter, Facebook, and Blog. good luck ;)

What does KPMB do?
there are a bunch of activities in KPMB. the weekly activities are badminton every tuesday, kungfu, futsal, and many others.