Mustache represents your inner-beauty

these are what we have done in our empty class in my Campus, UGM. I always hate it. otherwise it improves our skill, whatever it is we are improving. such aaaaas this class yea! we draw our faces as we did it on the canvass. so here we, especially me, interpret our mustaches as our personality.

(the most right one, Maria)
her mustache is Pencil Mustache I guess. it represents the person seems lil' bit "Naugthy".

(the left of Maria, Finta)
her mustace is also the pencil one. and still, my interpretation of this kind of mustache, is the same. she also looks more like the gangsta'.

(the left of Finta, Lintang)
Her mustache is Mustachio. it represents the "Tricky" personality. just like in cartoon that this kind of mustache is occurred for the man that is very tricky and rude, sometimes.

(the left of Lintang, Me - Ichalani)
my mustache is a kind of Badwing. man who has this kind of mustache usually old (mature enough). we called it like an old daddy came to your school for the invitation from the school.

but what we interpreted is not what we have in our personality. it's just almost the same like we had seen in mostly hollywood movies.


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