Sexual Health for Teens

Importance of Learning Sexual Health
In some cultures, word ‘sex’ is still taboo and not allowed to be talked to if you are not married or mature enough. It means that for unmarried persons, who commonly they are still young, are lack of information about sex. It’s not about sex itself, but about the health of sexual organs and the way they take care of it. That is why it would be so much important to learn about sexual health for young people, considering it will grow the awareness about their sexual organs, avoid the illness in their sexual health, and give understanding about the risk of having sex.
It will be dangerous for teenager if they don’t grow their awareness about their sexual organs. About the care of sexual organs for example. If they don’t care about the cleanness of their sexual organs, they may get some disease. Especially woman, disease will come to them if they don’t care about their sexual health. The most avoidable illness for women is cervical cancer. This is caused by unclean body, such as washing the vagina with dirty water.

The other reason why teenagers should know about their sexual health is to avoid the illness in their sexual health. There are many Sexually Transmitted Diseases[1] such as gonorrhea , syphilis, and many others. Those illness are caused commonly by doing wrong way of having sex[2].

Teenagers should also know the risk of having sexual activity in their young life, such as pregnancy. Because of a young pregnancy will get some serious illnesses. They will have a trouble with their structure of their bones, because in adolescent growth period, their bones still need calcium which is also very important for the baby need. Of course their bodies will found difficulties of sharing calcium.
Being lack of information about sexual health can be a disaster for teenagers’ lives and futures. Therefore, they have to learn it, hoping learning sexual activity will grow their care of their sexual organs, keep away from the illness in their sexual health, and also encourage teenagers to understand about the risk of having sex.


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