so, there was a game in my writing class. each member of group should continue what their friends had written. it was started by a undone sentence "I opened my closet door and ...."
and my story become so *um* *you know* *yaaa* weird.

[Me] I opened my closet door and I found a quite big box shining in front of me. I opened it, and I could see Hollywood in it. I tried to jump in but I found my butt is too big. I got no idea to deal with my butt, but what I really wanted to do was to jump in that box. I hoped somebody came and helped me. I was so

[Friend sitting next to me] frustrated, because I really wanted to go to Hollywood. While I'm stuck and trying all i did was imagining i will meet Tom cruise and maybe I can kiss and hug him brutally and it will be the most unforgettable moment in Mr. Cruise's life. it's okay if he has a little trauma 'cause i'm so jealous with Katie Holmes.

[Friend sitting next to the friend sitting next to me] anyway, i really want to go there. i had an idea to do plastic sugary and i wanted lose wight as many as i can. that day was coming. i went to the hospital near my house, it was too expensive but it was better than spending money for going to Hollywood by airplane. as i'd said, i am too big. usually the officer count me as two passenger.

[the other friend sitting next to my friend who wrote above] I wish the officer can count me as one passenger if i do my plastic surgery. the time to do the surgery is come. in short, i have already done that. now i am beautiful and slim. after that, i am joining a model agency. i wish i can go to Hollywood if i become an artist. i am trying to follow casting for Hollywood movie. there are Cinta Laura and Tom Cruise there. Oh my God! I was so surprised. I really really want to pass this casting. in the audition, the judge ask me to be like tree and monkey. I thought that it was so weird. is this casting for tree and monkey? I want to give up but i remember for Tom Cruise and Hollywood. Finally, I made this

[go back to me, and this part should be the conclusion] stop. I remember about the box in my closet. i go back to my house and open it, and jump in it. Yay! i'm in Hollywood. I'm pretty and hot and in Hollywood.

so random!


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