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 García Caro[1]
García Caro is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. She was born in New York, 24 years ago with the hopelessness environment. Her parents moved to New York right before García born, from Mexico because of financial problem they faced. Her dad was a construction worker in New York and died when García was 10 years old because of a fatal accident. To continue their life, her mom became a helper in a small bakery. García has 2 sisters. They lived in financial problems, and García’s childhood was in a misery.
Young García was smart. Her hobbies were reading and singing at that time. She thought her sisters to read. García and her sisters went to school by a help of generous man. She never stopped reading and learning anything new. And also she practiced singing by peeking a vocal class secretly. Before her sleep, she never stopped dreaming that her name will be on the marquee in Madison square garden.
Her dreams were becoming true when she was accepted by the scholarship in NYU majoring arts and sciences. But it was not that sweet. She was bullied by some students because she was too awkward and weird. Other reason why they bullied her was because García came from a poor family and poor environment. Even sometimes her dark childhood made her felt ashamed, but she never stopped struggling.
Until a music producer came and asked her for a record. The producer was thinking that García has a good sense of music and he loved her acting which very amazing. Her first song hit the Hollywood billboard and her one million copies were sold out in the last of 2006.
In 2010 she has got more than fifteen achievements and awards. Her charisma has already spread through all over the world. She never stops dreaming and hoping.

[1] Fiction story

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