Custom is just a Custom

i'm angry writing this. it's such a fed up feeling.
you know, how you will be so much hate if someone only talks behind you, pretending to be SO MUCH NICE when he talks to me and also keeps telling me that i'm bla bla bla (nice words).
maybe custom makes you so. but i've found different people who have the same ethnic with you who treat me well. they say what they hate me, they tell me what should i change. they never hide it!
hey dude over there. just get your dick sucked!
you learn INTERNATIONAL language, so you should learn its culture also.
NEVER TALK BEHIND PEOPLE YOU HATE! you HAVE to say what you don't like from them, then they will change or they will always treat you bad! you just hide from your chairman! you ask her to tell me what should i change! it's not fair if you a GENTLEMAN.
my angry will never end IF you keep behave like that loser dude! please show how ENGLISH affect your life and also your way to behave. once again, you such a loser.
fuck off and suck your dick! you'll never get a prestige lesson, man! i swear!

*ps: the word 'he' here is not a special man, or boyfriend, or somekind of that. but he is a LOSER who never gets brave to talk to a STRONG woman like me.

thank you.

sorry, I'm Angry for this custom.


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