Invisible tukang bakso. ever

so this story starts in my boarding house. my room is on the second floor. it's almost far from the gate where everybody comes and goes. sometimes that thing doesn't be the matter of mine. but lately it becomes so.
i was so busy of my college things and some internship things. i almost have no time to go out to buy food for my dinner. and every evening, around 4-6pm, there's a tukang bakso, a man who goes around to sell the bakso using cart.
every time he hit the bowl, a common sign of tukang bakso to tell the consumer that he's around, i turned to be so rush to call him. but every time i'm near the gate of my boarding house, he'd already disappear.
it happened almost everyday.
nope, i'm not curious of him. thing i'm curious about is how can he run by pushing his cart that fast?!
well, one day if I meet you i will be so happy because i know that i can run faster than you, mr. Tukang bakso.
thank you for making me felling so depressed.


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