Am I

I remember a day. my seven, you said “How are You?”.

I expected

you, to completed.

the sentence.

But you left.

And i Was sad.

It came to my eight.

For GOD sake, I saw a light.

so Bright

such in a night.

i thought it was you,


but you Left.

and i was sad.


Coming to my nine,

you come with shine.

Well, I might say you were mine.

or Might be, i could say i was fine.

NO no no! i wasn’t fine.

I need you,


But you left.

and i was sad.

For More.

The next was my Ten.

I got sad to send.

smile that you lend,

i got that in my hand.

but you left.

and i was sad.

Once Again.

you just come for a Short while.

and left for a Long mile.

i Never touch miracle, Before.

even you come and go thru the same door.

you are everywhere, but

there is a doubt.

who is Miracle?

is it me? Am I?.

Jogja, 17 april. 2011 Annissa Maulani


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