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So here is a story. A story that came to my dream. It is about a king and His people.

Once upon a time, a prosperous big kingdom. Lives a King and all his people. It is not about all of them. It is about her. A young lady who has fallen into despair. Lonely, hopeless, and sad young lady. In her early 20's. Not even beauty comes from her tired eyes. Not even glow comes from her skin. And not even cheer comes from her lips.

One day, She comes to her King. Asking for an eternal happiness. She comes with tears and offerings. "Your Majesty, would you grant me an eternal happiness? I am sad and often want to kill myself."
And the King answers "Young lady, it is surely not an impossible thing for me to do as what you wish for."
"Then, please help me." She replies and bows.
"Nothing you can doubt from me. But, there is no such happiness that lasts for ever. Happiness will blind you. It is dangerous. And therefore, you deserve sadness too."

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