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Bourgeoisie and Education

This paper will explore the sight of bourgeois society in the Western European from their educational aspect. To begin the discussion, this article will first briefly explain the history of bourgeois and how they were divided into several levels of classes. The second part of this discussion will engage with education as the value in bourgeois society. The last part will explore more the comparison of the social classes from the same context. The Origin Bourgeois is a special term in politic and socioeconomic context defining one specific class status in a society. It was first coined during the eleventh century in France and originated from a Southwestern medieval town in France, Bourgs. The people of Bourgs, at that time, were allowed to be free and liberated from the feudal jurisdiction. In the later periods, the idea of bourgeois had elaborated with the development of politic and economic situation. Its meaning had dedicated to a society that could be able to possess independent mea…

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